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WOW Tours – offering you ideas of where to travel in Europe

Looking for European travel ideas? WOW Tours can help.

Our company vision is to be the “go-to source” when people are looking for ideas about where to travel to in Europe. We do that by providing Bucket List Webinars of specific areas where we have done all the planning and recommends of what are “must see” attractions and ones that just aren’t worth your time or money. Each of our Webinars is designed as detailed seven-day trips.

By providing potential travellers with ideas on multiple places to go for a seven-day trip, people can narrow down their choices of where to go on their Bucket List for travel. The bonus is, if they decide to go to an area we have outlined in one of our Webinars, their seven-day trip is already planned for them. Quite often people who have watched our Webinars combine them into longer trips, such as our Barcelona Webinar can be combined with our northern Spain Webinar to make a two-week holiday or with our southern Spain Webinar to make a three-week holiday. 

Take a look at our FREE Provence Bucket List Webinar where you can see how detailed we get in travelling to Provence if you only have seven days.  

If you would like more a more specialized trip, we offer consulting or trip planning services. 


  • The Bastard is Dead audiobook is now available at Audible and Amazon
  • A Vintage End paperback is the second book in the Paul Burke series and in the editing process now. 


Thanks for dropping by, we are Lynda and D’Arcy Kavanagh, pictured here in Spain. We travel a lot. For the past 30 years, we have traveled annually, sometimes twice, sometimes three times a year, throughout Europe and most times by bicycle. D’Arcy has actually been traveling to Europe since the 1970s. 

We both have day jobs but travel is very important to us because it creates empathy, understanding and wisdom through experience and – it’s a lot of fun.  When people hear how much we travel they usually say “Oh, I’m so jealous. Someday I’ll travel but …” For some people “someday” never comes. The reason it doesn’t happen is because most people don’t know where to start. They find the concept of planning a trip intimidating, especially to a place where another language is spoken. 

WOW Tours International Inc. focuses on showing people European locations so they can narrow down where they may want to go on a once-in-a-lifetime Bucket List travel opportunity. And with our trips planned for seven days, people can use the Webinars as a starting point.

The company was formed in 2000 because people kept asking us for help with travel plans. For several years we took groups to cycle along the Danube River in Austria & Germany and to tour Venice. But, after 911 and new airplane regulations and procedures,  we decided to leave the hands-on tour guide business and provide ideas for where to travel to through Webinars and Travel consulting. We never offer a Webinar to a specific area unless we have spent over a month in that area, so you can be assured you are getting “boots-on-the-ground” information. We are cyclists but we have also travelled these locations by vehicle, trains, and busses so during our Webinars we address all modes of transportation.

Our annual trips to Europe have now become research tours enabling us to collect information for our Webinars, and they also provide research and settings for D’Arcy’s murder mystery books and Lynda’s humourous travel book for women. 

The Bastard is deadD’Arcy Kavanagh worked for years as a journalist for newspapers in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada before turning to freelance writing. Later, he took to the classroom as a journalism instructor. Retiring after nearly 40 years in journalism, he decided to combine his love of travelling, cycling and writing to produce mystery novels and travel books.

His first mystery novel, The Bastard is Dead, has just been picked up by an American publisher and is now available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and all ebook retailers.  It’s set on the French Riviera and features an ex-pro cyclist from Montréal, Québec named Paul Burke who’s struggling to pay the bills as a part-time blogger. Then the world’s most famous bike race, the Tour de France, comes to town and two well-known figures die unexpectedly. Burke starts asking questions and soon gets involved in what happened.


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Other WOW Tour services: 

Travel Consulting:

Because of our knowledge of European travel and how we have helped others plan stress-free vacations, we can save people time, money, anxiety and frustration. If you’re thinking about heading to Europe, take a look at the list of where we have travelled – D’Arcy Lynda – and then contact us for help.  Depending on are where you live, we can provide travel consulting either face-to-face or through an online discussion.  Depending on your budget, we can offer you ideas and suggestions or we can develop a day-to-day itinerary, with recommended transportation and accommodations. We also are RCI timeshare owners and have figured out that system and how to maximize the membership. Send us an email to discuss our consulting.

WOW. This was the best advice I could have received. I can’t wait to watch the recording with my husband.”
-Chelsey P., Edmonton

Travel Presentations:

Whether it is at a conference, a fundraiser or a private party, we can build a presentation full of photos and videos of the topic area. Send us an email to discuss our topics and presentation style.

Thank you for the two presentations you did for us. Your Paris one, everyone loved and the one on the Spanish Mediterranean coast made everyone want to go. Both times we had a full house and the participants received great information. Your presentation style of humour and down-to-earth practical advice was engaging.”
– Judy S., Harmani Grandmothers