A Vintage End reviews

Ian Hepher: “This is D’Arcy Kavanagh’s second Paul Burke mystery, the middle of a series of three. It’s a good read, rich in cycling lore, food and history. The plot, which centres around a series of four vintage bike races, builds very nicely, and, thanks to extensive research on the part of the author, it has the ring of truth. Burke continues to evolve as he finds himself drawn more into the world of media. On the downside, there isn’t much to say. I found the dialogue a bit choppy at times, and I think perhaps the book might have wrapped up a bit quicker. Overall, a good read. I’m looking forward to Deception on the Danube, the third in the series.”

Jeff Hamilton: “I just finished D’Arcy Kavanagh’s second book relating Paul Burke’s continued involvement in cycling and solving crimes. Like the first book, A Vintage End leads the reader through many twists and turns as Paul and friends help the flics solve a mystery. The bits of information that were revealed throughout the book kept my attention as I worked with Paul to solve the case. At one point in the book, Paul’s friend points out his transformation from a lazy, rudderless person to one who has purpose. It’s a great lesson to us all that we can improve our lives and make a difference to society. Another great read. I’m already looking forward to Paul’s next adventure.”

Rob Labossiere: “Wow, what a fun read over Christmas! I think the second book is every bit as brilliant as the first – and maybe even better or am I just enjoying the development of Burke’s character? I am impressed by how much detail and research is done to write a book like this. I found the hook is nicely set in the first 30% of the book and then I just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next. I recommend this book to anyone, especially if you have ever traveled to Provence. It’s fun to hear the names of familiar places, and in true French spirit, D’Arcy paints a great mental picture of the French meals and countryside. I can’t wait for Deception on the Danube to become available.”

Will Arnold: “I have finished the second book in the series and enjoyed it even more than the first. Even though I’m not a biking fanatic, I appreciated all the cycling stories and the plot was also very good. I await the third one which I hope is coming out next year. The preview has whetted my appetite.”

Patrick George: “I enjoyed it at least as much as the first one. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading and kept wondering what was going to happen next.”

Sandie Zobell: “Kavanagh does it again! The main character, Paul Burke, manages to find himself in the middle of another murder mystery, participating in vintage bike races in his new career as a blogger/reporter. Set in a variety of locations in Provence, France, Kavanagh has a very detailed knowledge of the area along with some actual historical accounts as they relate to France. Not only a great read but great educational material. If you are an avid cyclist (or not), you will enjoy Burke’s adventure as he once again takes a mystery. Enjoy his rides, fine dining and friendships. You feel like you are riding on his wheel all the way!”

Sharon Baird: “I found D’Arcy Kavanagh’s novels The Bastard is Dead and A Vintage End to be full of intrigue and suspense. The mystery, friendships, romance and danger keep both novels page turners. The beautiful descriptions of the French Riviera make me long to plan a trip to the region and experience the beauty and of course enjoy the wonderful food! I look forward to D’Arcy’s next novel Deception on the Danube.”

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