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2017 Trip - Calgary to Spain

June1 - July 2


Date Confirmation or Company Description Misc or To Do
June 1 Air Canada Tickets: Thursday, Leave Calgary at 10:30 3 hour Layover in Toronto, Arrive Barcelona 8:50am  
 June 2 Silver Aparthotel Yes we can leave the suitcases Stay one night in, two nights out   From Silver to Train Station
 June 3 - 10 Oropesa Apartamentos el Cano RCI #2847
Confirmation # 536430712 Phone 964-311240
Playa Morro de Gos 12594 Castellon 12594  
 June 10 - 17  Alcossebre Habitat Playa Romana, Resort #2848 Confirmation #536430743
Phone: 964-412492
 Playa Romana, Castellon 12579  
 June 17 - 24

 Peniscola, Jardines Del Plaza, Resort 3052, Confirmation # 536430760 Phone: 964-010700


Peniscola to L;Ampolia map

 June 24 - 30 L'Ampolla, Home Away 6217052, Isaac Gonzaez  HOme away App under DK pass K1

 Board Walk Google view


Cycling 2

Map of cycling the Ebro River

Amposta or, better yet, L’Ampolla is about 65 km from Peniscola and serves as gateway to some good-looking cycling, both inland, along the coast and onto the Ebro River Delta which is named after the Ebro River. We looked at it briefly in Google Earth. The Delta is pan flat, loaded with waterfowl/wildlife, very quiet etc. The largest community on the Delta is Deltebre, population 12,000. It doesn’t look anything special but good location. Here’s a website re cycling on the Delta:

L’Ampolla and its nearby towns of L’Aldea and Amposta are all in the 12,000-21,000 range. The biggest nearby community is Tortosa, about 15 km inland with a pop. of 30,000.




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